TS3 Conversion Remap as Lip Loveseat (Retro Bodacious) Replacement
#1 02-08-2014 
I was crazy enough to take on a remap. It will teach me how to use milkshape/wings/uvmapper, right? So far, I have the fabric subset separated out and remapped and two of the textures more or less reconstructed for the new mapping. The texture is 512 x 512, half the size of the 1024 x 512 original (yet twice the size of the lip loveseat fabric - 512 x 256.)

[Image: IUXQr.png]

Images hosted on imgnook.

If any kind soul has TS3 University Life and could extract the shadows for this it will save me making them from scratch. Veranka only included a ground shadow.

[Image: v5T4T.jpg]

It has a hole that needs fixed where I split the subsets somehow. The hole is now fixed. It needs shadows made and 4 more colours, plus 2 more hardware colours. The sloppy recolours I threw together need work, but it feels good to at least have them the right basic color and fit to the mesh (except the red is not aligned somehow.)

Still, it's coming along. If anyone likes it enough to play with it while I'm at work this weekend, be my guest.

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#2 02-08-2014 
Not on my simming computer right now, but can extract them for you when I get home, maybe tonight or else definitely tomorrow Smile whats the name of the object, so I'm sure I have the right one?

ETA: on second thought, do you mean a shadow mesh or the multiplier?

#3 02-08-2014 
"Waiting room sofa" even though it is a loveseat. Just the shadow textures. I don't even know if TS3 uses wall shadows. The conversion I have just has a ground shadow. I can make new shadows myself if necessary, just trying to save some time.

#4 03-08-2014 
Here you go Smile

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#5 04-08-2014 
Thanks so much for the effort, but I was actually looking for the cast shadows rather than the object's shading/texture. I already have that from the conversion.

I just learned these don't exist in TS3. Thank you, Lunie, for letting me know.
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#6 05-08-2014 
Yeah, Lee already explained that this was not what you meant. Sorry 'bout that Sad


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