Let's say I killed a zombie......
#1 05-08-2014 
Hypothetically speaking......

Let's say I had a zombie sim and killed him again, despite Grim's warning not to do that. Is he GONE gone forever now? There is no tombstone (I may have deleted it but can't remember one way or the other).... and I tried the method explained in this tutorial but it didn't work - my, erm, hypothetical dead zombie, was not on the teleporter cat list of teleportable sims.

I'm hypothetically disappointed, although not too disappointed I guess since I disliked him enough to kill him twice. And I could always re-make him if I really really wanted him back, hypothecially speaking....

#2 05-08-2014 
Tsk, Lee starts talking satellites and suddenly sims start dropping dead everywhere Wink Hypothetically of course.

#3 05-08-2014 
I'll have to try that with a zombie! Tongue

#4 05-08-2014 
Killing a zombie is hypothetically done... how? I can't imagine.

And even if one could, why would anyone want to? In my opinion, one must hate a specific sim very much, in order to want to make them into a zombie. But then you would want that sim to suffer this condition forever and ever and ever. So why kill a zombie? It's not a punishment!

#5 05-08-2014 
Okay I ran a test.... FOR SCIENCE......

Killed 1 zombie and 1 human, both by satellite, on the same lot, using Rodney's Death Creator. Human got an urn, zombie did not. Another sim on the same lot then called Grim and was only able to select the dead human for resurrection.

Conclusion: If you kill a zombie, they are GONE, never to be resurrected again. So heed Grim's warning, all you zombie killers.

* fanseelamb hums 'N Synch's "Bye Bye Bye" in a mournful way

#6 05-08-2014 
Thank you, Fansee. That perfectly explains how to get rid of a sim permanently: turn them into a zombie, and have them 'carry' a satellite. Smile


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