How to remove the outer shadow?
#1 10-08-2014 
hello everyone! wave
I want to remove the shadow that produces the mesh of his wings:

I've tried everything.
Here the properties of the mesh:

Can anyone tell me what should I do? Blush
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#2 11-08-2014 
Play with shadows off I think. Its an alpha mesh, and the shadow is generating from that.

#3 11-08-2014 
It's in the GMND - the line tsNoShadow. It should have a value of 0. If it does, change that to 1. That should get rid of the outdoor shadow.

edited because: digging around at MTS, I see that you already said (in Sept of last year) that you tried this and it didn't work for you.

#4 11-08-2014 
Hello everyone.
I'm back to post in MTS, but I still can not get it to work.

Here the post:

#5 11-08-2014 
in that case please focus on your MTS thread. You have tried rebuying after adding the fix?

Closing this thread.


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