#11 14-08-2014 
Take care, hope it all goes well. *hugs*

#12 14-08-2014 
Fabulous Nix - I'm always really pleased to hear about people looking after themselves. Although we'll miss you, we look forward to see a rehabilitated you that will feel better, and give you more quality of life. Smile

#13 14-08-2014 
Take care NixSmile
hope you feel better afterwards
huggies Heart

#14 14-08-2014 
Take care of yourself Nix HeartHeart

#15 14-08-2014 
* NixNivis hugs everybody again

You're the best, you all know that, right? Heart Like I said, I will check in occasionally so you will still see me around, but I won't be as active. So if you don't see me for a couple of weeks or so in a row, you know there's no reason for alarm. Smile

#16 14-08-2014 
Good luck! I'm proud of you for taking advantage of the physical therapy. Keep fighting!

#17 14-08-2014 
* NixNivis hugs ritaxis, too

Thank you. Smile And I will, you can count of that!

#18 14-08-2014 
Like Kiri I think it's great and courageous that you are giving yourself this chance Smile (I wanted to say doing this to yourself, but that might sound a bit wrong Tongue) We will be here to cheer you on, in case you need to blow off some steam and of course when you come (fully) back to BHAVs and simming Big Grin

#19 15-08-2014 
* NixNivis hugs Klaartje

Aww, thanks. Heart I don't know about it being courageous, though. The way I see it, I can deal with this disease in either of two ways. I can either roll over and feel sorry for myself while it wreaks havoc with my body - or I can fight it tooth and nail and do my darnedest to stay as well as I can for as long as I can. And I'm no good at rolling over. Tongue

#20 23-08-2014 
* mustluvcatz hugs Nix and wraps her in bubble wrap to keep her safe

.....each and every time I see a post from her here or on tumblr. Big Grin It's nice to know I didn't break her after all, lol.


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