This is as close as I could get.
My hair should be frizzy/curly, ...and waaay more grey.
And, that upper lip is ALL kinds of wrong!
Eyebrows should be thicker.
Glasses are right shape, but should be thick black frames (old man glasses.)
Chin should have more flab under it. Slap

...Oh, and the shirt should have Mickey Mouse instead of a (cute) duckie.
And the whole body needs mega-freckles Big Grin

YAY!!! Can I play too? Screenshot          
#2 15-08-2014
Good job Cat, I think everyone should remake their sims for TS2 as good as possible and we have a thread just for Leefishes sims, and then you can dl any and all and torture....ahem love till your hearts content!

#3 15-08-2014
Wow Cat, looking good!

Ahem, not sure I want to make myself.

#4 15-08-2014
Mickey could be your first piece of TS4 CC Big Grin
Looks great Cat Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option