Mauritania Revisited
#1 15-08-2014 
So a very long time ago I made some windows, and though I still love them, I wanted to spruce them up a little bit. Work in progress Tongue

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#2 15-08-2014 
Looking great! Thank you!

#3 15-08-2014 
They look good, Lee.

#4 15-08-2014 
Oh, YAY!!! I can't wait for these to go 'live'! For some reason, the old version crashes my game now (it never used to - maybe I just need to reDL? I haven't tried that yet...) But - new shinies are wonderful Big Grin

... *fingers tapping* Who me? I'm not sitting here hovering over the uploads page. Nope. Not me... *starts whistling*
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#5 15-08-2014 
I am unsure what to do - I was thinking of updating all the meshes of the old set and making these new ones replace them - or I can just make one smaller simpler new set.

#6 15-08-2014 
Gratuitous kitchen shot. Wallshadows are added.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2046]

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#7 15-08-2014 
Updating the old set... I would not ask that of you, Lee. And I'm sure nobody else would either. But if you were to do it anyway, I'm sure everyone will appreciate it. Smile

#8 17-08-2014 
And are uploaded. I decided to make them as extras - so an alternate set if you like Smile All new guids.


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