• Tamha Self-Sim
  • Creator: Tamha
Decided to do a self-sim today to share a picture with all the others. A shame neither ponytail is quite right, but this one works well enough. Last image is an 8 year old picture of me (hence the curvier figure and much longer hair on my sim).

Tamha Self-Sim Screenshot Tamha Self-Sim Screenshot Tamha Self-Sim Screenshot        
#2 16-08-2014
Good job! I think you actually did it! You even captured some character with the facial expression Big Grin
I bet you've got a wicked sense of humor :LOL:

#3 16-08-2014
Great likeness Tamha, beaut job Big Grin

#4 16-08-2014
Very good job. You fishies are good at this


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