#1 21-08-2014 
So today we finally got the loan check, to get the power back on EXCEPT the bank would only let us get 200 back in cash. The rest won't be available till the 28th. So yes, I finally had a the bank. Am just so frustrated. The check is from a financial institution. It's not like it's a personal check. Pretty sure the bank should know that the check is good. So darn aggravated. Another week now. Vent over
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#2 21-08-2014 
Oh no Jones! Am feeling your aggravation! Chin up you will get there. {hugs} Heart

#3 21-08-2014 
Oh no Jones Sad

Sometimes I think - world - just give me a break. Just one break. Damned banks.

#4 22-08-2014 
Aw, *hugs* Sad

#5 22-08-2014 
Oh no, you have no power? You would think the bank could give you a break like Lee said, that's just rotten of them. *hugs*

#6 22-08-2014 
* mustluvcatz locks bank officials in room with a certain caseworker and serves a meal of moldy bread and brackish water Big Grin

No electricity?? Jerks. Hey.. I seem to remember having trouble with a cashier's check at one point in time. Yep, yep I did. It was from a bank in another town that doesn't have a branch in my town. My bank gave me trouble cashing it. From what I remember, I "very nicely" let them know that a check from a bank should be good and that there was no reason to not cash it or hold any of the money. I DO remember walking out of my bank with the money. Fight them about this- they're in the wrong.

#7 22-08-2014 
Oh no Sad Do what MLC says, maybe it helps Smile And I mean both suggestions Tongue

#8 22-08-2014 
Banks. (<<< I just swore - I used the awfullest, dirtiest, baddest word I knew!)
No power, in the heat of Summer... I can't even imagine :horrified: ...stupid banks!

Huggles, much love, prayers, and all manner of positive energy/vibes are being sent your way. Heart
Are your kids back in school yet? If you need to cool down - WalMart's AC is always on *Cat/tying to help*

@MLC - I hope they are enjoying their repast *insert maniacal laughter* fishslap
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#9 22-08-2014 
We have been doing ok without power, cooler decent battery lights, a battery fan (which runs on 8 Ds so not cheap, only for when its REALLY hot), charcoal grill. So for those who didn't already know the situation, don't want anyone worrying. Is just super frustrating to have thought we were going to get it back, and then oh no, can't have that.

#10 23-08-2014 
Glad to hear you are all doing okay, but I hope you have it back on soon as I know with 3 small children that can't be easy.


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