A Quick WIP
#1 25-08-2014 
Hey Guys!
I'm working on it and i thought to let you see it Smile
What do you think?It supposed to be playable(by adults tooTongue) toy
[Image: 2014-08-2523_22_07-MilkShape3D185BETA1-C...736297.jpg]
PS: Can you tell who this isBig Grin?
Can You pronounce "veoauto"?

#2 25-08-2014 
OMG it's meeeee. Except my colouring is a little different. Plz make it recolourable! Heart

* fanseelamb bounces excitedly

#3 25-08-2014 
* leefish is violent to teddy!! down with x's

[Image: MTS_MogHughson-1067540-ChildSlamTeddy.jpg]

#4 25-08-2014 
* fanseelamb gasps dramatically

#5 26-08-2014 
Shaun!!!! Oh my goodness - you will make me very happy with this. Big Grin

#6 26-08-2014 
"He's Shaun the sheep. He's Shaun the sheep... He never misses a beat..."
OMG - I love him Heart I can't wait for the movie!

You made me LOL - Thanks Big Grin
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