September Challenge - Another House Makeover!
#1 01-09-2014 
This one is going to tax you all! It's a house that was built back in Feb 2005 and was the first house I uploaded for Sims 2. Base Expansion only - it needs a makeover! Back in those days, we didn't have any new meshes and the recolours was new on the scene. But now it stands neglected. Neglect it no longer! Smile

[Image: anext.jpg]

[Image: andine.jpg]

[Image: anbed.jpg]

[Image: anliving.jpg]

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It was decorated in Art Nouveau style (stuff from my website) - but it can be made over into any style.
It needs some serious love in the garden. And this time, lets go with no moving walls - but doors/windows can be made into whatever you like and whatever place. And please, please, please give the roof some help. We didn't have any roof angles in base game so this was the best I could do. Also no half-walls, so a fence had to do. You can swap fences as well. Smile

ETA: You can change over the fireplace, and you can add extra walls - but you can't remove existing walls, or move them.
You can decorate in any style you like!
You can add dummy floors/CFE/etc to make the roof conform to some sense of normality!

Lot Size : 3x3
Cost: $98,983
3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom
Features - Wraparound verandah, conservatory, mezzanine lounge area.
Partially Furnished.
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#2 01-09-2014 
Ooh more houses to play with Big Grin

#3 01-09-2014 
Oh boy, no moving interior walls! Shall be hard. Big Grin

#4 01-09-2014 
Hard but fun Lunie, definitely Fun! Big Grin

#5 01-09-2014 
Ohhh yes, she needs a lift, Im gonna attack that roof first!! Big Grin

#6 01-09-2014 
Lol Tiff, the first thing I thought was "I'm not going to do this if we can't change the roof" Tongue (No offense Kiri, I know the BG-tools are limited Smile It looks much better than my first TS2 house and that was built with a couple of EPs Tongue)

#7 01-09-2014 
Cna interior walls be replaced with half walls? Big Grin

#8 02-09-2014 
Yup Lunie - of course - a wall is a wall whether it's half a wall or a full wall. Big Grin

#9 03-09-2014 
Just a couple of q's
Can we add a wall where the stairs are
[Image: Sims2EP92014-09-0321-29-51-58.jpg]
and also add walls to cover the fireplace brickwork
[Image: Sims2EP92014-09-0321-29-10-46.jpg]
and can we change the fireplace?

#10 03-09-2014 
Yes. You can't subtract walls, but you can add extras. Smile
Yup - you can change the fireplace, you just can't remove it entirely.


Sorry, that is a members only option