Milkshape Fiddling
#1 02-09-2014 
[Image: cylinderturning.jpg]

I am fiddling with milkshape to work out how to make curls and soft shapes. And as usual I haven't gone looking for tutorials or anything I've just been playing with the tools and seeing what happens.

From a poly point of view - how many no. of angles do we need to use a 90 degree angle so that it looks like a curved 90 (and no smart-alecs saying 90! Big Grin)

I've done 6x15degrees - but I'm thinking that may be a bit too much for Sims2?

Is there a recommended number?

(Also I'm using 8 slices rather than 12, because it chews up too many polys, and 6 doesn't look like a cylinder).

The reason why I'm doing it -
I want to take some elements from a table like this to change up dotcombuilder's French Country Vanity - because I don't like the frills she's added, but I've always loved the idea of wrought iron and glass and toile and ticking and the whole shebang.

[Image: desk.jpg]
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#2 02-09-2014 
Well I never saw that set before (on TSR) - a very creative remesh of the wrought iron stairs and fence.

On the polys - it depends on how you want to do it and how zoomed in you are going to get. There is this guide at MTS :

#3 02-09-2014 
It was my favourite bed back in 2005/6 DCB had a very short simming career, but I loved almost everything she made. The sink recolours are still looking good - and look quite luxurious for an EA mesh.

It looks like 6/8 is about right for the size of the mesh that I want to do according to the tutorial, but I can get away with a little less for some of the other curly bits I want.

#4 02-09-2014 
...uhhh, 90? *runs away giggling*

Sorry, I just needed to feel 'smart' - home-schooling resumed today, and I feel anything but! Rolleyes
As to the OP - I, obviously, have no idea Blush
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