Help - I need a programmer/program...
#1 03-09-2014 
I posted this over at MTS2, and got abso-floggin-lutely NO response *sigh* ...I'm not really surprised Blush

But anyway - here's what I posted:
I need a programmer to make a program...
Hi. I really need help. I am NOT a programmer - have not the foggiest of ideas about it Blush

Here's the back-story: I used to use Paladin's Sims2Categorizer on EVERYthing. Then, when Delphy came out with the DDO (and I became more proficient at SimPE) I quit using the Sims2Cat. Also, after the Compressorizer came out, it was said that Sims2Catted files didn't like being Compressorized.
So... since 2008/9 or so, I have had everything always Compressorized; and only recatted things with SimPE/DDO.
(Note: by "recatted" I mean I have changed catalog placement and prices so things are to be found where I think they should be, in the game's catalog - I have done this for just about EVERY item) I'm not OCD, I'm CDO!!!

Somewhere in my 44,000+ DL files I know I still have a few 100 (or maybe even 1000!) items that were recatted with the Sims2Cat and then Compressorized - which is a VBT.

Here's what I need: actually it may be 2 separate programs - and nothing needs to look too fancy. (Quick and dirty is fine by me)
--- I would like a program that can tell me which of my files has been changed by the Sims2Categorizer. This should be able to be done because I can see the info in SimPE when I look at the item's Catalog Description in the far right box, labeled Desc. it says, "Edited by Sims 2 Categorizer." (And, yes, I'm a lazy-butt. I really don't want to spend the 30 seconds on each of my 44,000+ DLs to open it in SimPE, click on CatDesc, look at the box, and write my findings down on scrap paper.) There just HAS to be an easier way!!!

The other program I need is one I'm not sure can be done... But, It would be so much easier on us CDO folks, if it were possible
--- Is there a way to open everything up in, like, say, the DDO; and change the prices and categories from there - all in one big spreadsheet type of page. I am pretty fast at doing it in SimPE, but, as I think I may not be able to find someone willing to write a program like the one I need, I'm thinking I might just have to reDL every file I have that's older than 2009 (which is over 1000 files) and recat/reprice them all over again. *sigh* I really don't want to do that...

...but, I keep getting crashes. I know it's an old file somewhere that's gotten itself borked (and I really think the compatibility issue between Sims2Cat and the Compressorizer, may indeed be the culprit.)

Yes, I have followed all the 'crashing' error suggestions - I've been trying to figure this out for a few years now. CDO, and deter-minded (determined) = bad combo.

OK, I'll stop rambling now...
...please help?____________________________

So, can anyone help?
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#2 03-09-2014 
I wish I could help you, Cat. But I *can* give a few pointers on how to help yourself.

First of all, there is some sort of a text tool that miros1 created, which may help you find specific strings in .package files. Thismight help identify the offensive files. miros1 is one of the admins at Simbology, but she also has her own site, named WoodenSimolean.

Secondly, are you familiar with the Hack dance? This is a process of elimination that helps find a single defective package in a huge downloads folder, and it involves moving out half of your downloads, then see if your game works properly. If it does, then the faulty mod is in the group that you left out. Otherwise, it is in the group that you kept in. Now repeat the process with the group that contained the faulty package. If you repeat the process a few times, you may end up with the one file that causes stuff to break.

I hope this may help you :-)

#3 03-09-2014 
Hi BO - yes, you've helped me before re: the Hack Dance.
I have a super-clean everything with a semi-fresh (now) cleaned hoods, etc...

Every time I upload something at MTS2, I'm reminded that I still have files that were recatted with Paladin's S2Categorizer... I really think that has to be where my problems lay.
It's kinda my last hope.
Next stop: chucking it all out and starting over - which will take years to get everything back organized the way it is now.
'Course ...if I had done that to begin with I'd be pretty much done by now Rolleyes

Thanks, BO - I'll mosy over to Simbology...
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Time flies like an arrow ~ fruit flies like a banana
Ah, well... there is that
So, you know the difference between roast beef and pea soup?


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