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One day I woke up and decided that I wanted to have more woodland creatures in my game. I honestly don't know why I had this sudden craving, maybe it was this 3-to-2 conversion that kicked my brain into gear. They were sort of meant for the Toddler & Pools month, but are way overdue. I recolored the 'B-stroke'-painting, because there are already a ton of 'A-stroke'-recolors out there so hopefully this will help to clog up the catalog less.

Name: B-Stroke Painting
Price: §1750
Location:Decorative > Wall Hangings

And by popular demand: a skunk and a kookaburra!

[Image: thumb640x480]

Additional Credits:
Images from CLKER - free to use clipart.
Woodtexture made using Woodworkshop.
x 7

You may do whatever you want as long as you credit me with a link and don't make any money from it.
Please do not convert anything from TS2 to TS3 because I might want to do that myself some time.

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#2 06-09-2014
But where is the skunk?

#3 06-09-2014
And the kookaburra?

Love them btw Big Grin

#4 06-09-2014
These will look great in cabins.

Thank you! Smile


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