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Flower Happy Birthday Jo! Flower

I recently figured out how to extract meshes from The Sims Medieval, very useful skills for birthday gifts, especially for Medieval fans! Big Grin I tried to find something that hadn't been done yet, so fingers crossed you don't have it already...

It's a bar! It's called the Peasant Bar in TSM, so I kept that name Smile I've tested it on both community and residential lots and seems to work fine, but please let me know if there are any issues.

Name: Peasant Bar
Location: Misc. > Party
Price: §1135
Polycount: 1980
EP Required: Nightlife
x 16

You may do whatever you want as long as you credit me with a link and don't make any money from it.
Please do not convert anything from TS2 to TS3 because I might want to do that myself some time.

Birthday Gift for Jo Screenshot Birthday Gift for Jo Screenshot Birthday Gift for Jo Screenshot        
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#5 07-09-2014
Very nice klaartje Smile

#6 08-09-2014
Happy Birthday, Jo!

Lovely, Klaartje!

#7 08-09-2014
Happy Birthday Jo! Lovely Klaartje Smile

(ps Joni I had no idea you wrote the exact same until after it submitted, great minds!!)

#8 08-09-2014
Good job. Smile I like the texture too. Big Grin

Happy Birthday Jo!


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