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Pru from N99 plays her game in English, and was really wanting these calendars converted from Simlish to English. Which I was happy to do. I also did some extra recolours without any language so that no matter what the game, you can use them. It's a nice looking calendar - and the original simlish recolours are excellent.

[Image: Calendar04.jpg]

The second picture is an Echidna. Smile

You will need to download the mesh made by Sim People and Me.

Then download the recolours as you choose. I've included their original Simlish recolours as well just in case you'd like them.


Simpeople and Me - for mesh and original Simlish recolours.
Pru - for requesting these and for the August Goodies event.
x 8

Do not upload to Paysites or TSR.

Apart from that, feel free to use, modify, mutilate, etc. Credit would be nice.

August Goodies - Calendars Screenshot August Goodies - Calendars Screenshot August Goodies - Calendars Screenshot August Goodies - Calendars Screenshot      
Download link
Filesize 330.4 KB | File Name Calendar-Original-Simlish.rar | # of Downloads 171  
Filesize 340.04 KB | File Name Calendar-Original-English.rar | # of Downloads 92  
Filesize 103.27 KB | File Name Calendar-MAS-Recolours.rar | # of Downloads 163  
Filesize 25.93 KB | File Name sam_calender01.rar | # of Downloads 146  
#2 09-09-2014
They look grand, Kiri Big Grin

#3 09-09-2014
Thank you, Kiri! Love finding recolors of meshes I already have installed. Smile

#4 11-09-2014
I play mine in enish tooSmile
Calendar with car pics are niceWink
And ones with no font are cute


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