So I'm making this thing...
#1 09-09-2014 
...and it's all your fault! Tongue

[Image: fishbowl.jpg]

It's still very much a work in progress; I need to tweak the opacity of the glass and there's going to be more fish bowl-ish deco, and of course there's also going to be fishies - the inside of the bowl is mapped separately from the outside for just that purpose - but yeah. 'Tis a start. Smile

The poly count is going to land somewhere around 3,600+ polys, but since that's almost 1,500 polys fewer than the sunken (basegame) hottub and less than half of the elevated one (and on six tiles, at that), I'm not even going to feel guilty about it. Tongue
[Image: nixedbuttongreen5.jpg]

#2 09-09-2014 
That's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome. I'm just gonna sit here and stare at it and figure out how in the world you make these kind of things Big Grin

#3 09-09-2014 
Wowse Nix!

#4 09-09-2014 
Secretly, I'm wondering what Hot Tub Woohoo would look like in that thing! Wink Teeheehee....

#5 09-09-2014 
Holy cow, Nix! It's amazing already! You are soooooo talented!

#6 09-09-2014 
Oh BO, lol!

#7 09-09-2014 

* fanseelamb makes premature grabby hands at the awesome

Heeeyyyyyy if you ever need a "tester" - I VOLUNTEER.

#8 09-09-2014 
Looks awesome Nix Smile

#9 09-09-2014 
Hee, thanks, everybody! Glad you like it, because I'm having lots of fun with it. Big Grin

@BoilingOil, LOL! Sorry to disappoint you, but you don't see much of it; the water churns and goes all white a la car windows (and the water mesh covers the entire inside of the bowl), so all you get is the occasional hand or foot emerging as usual. Smile

@fanseelamb, be careful what you wish for... Wink

#10 09-09-2014 
BUMMER! But I guess that that was to be expected. EA would have made certain that their doodie-holes were covered Smile


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