Will these LTW mods work together?
#1 12-09-2014 
I have decided to ditch LTW variety by Pescado as I haven't found it gives more variety. A few of my older sims only have two options come up when I roll LTW. Instead I am putting in 'Any LTW for all aspirations'

I also have uni_ltws_sns http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/ffs/al/hacks/
Then in a folder I have some loose files with a read me
Quote:This mod adds 4 new Lifetime wants Artist, Show Biz, Natural Science, & Paranormal careers, it also adds four new memories for those lifetime wants.
I don't have a Rar or know anything more about that or who made it.

Should LTW for all aspirations work okay with Uni_ltws-sns and the new LTW in that folder?
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#2 31-10-2014 
Hey - Jo Smile
Crashy-Catherine here... wondering if you found an answer to this? I seem to be at this same bridge, and need some direction before crossing. Thanks!

#3 31-10-2014 
If you package them up for me to compare - I'll have a look for you.

#4 31-10-2014 
Oh, bless you Kiri! Heart
My big rig is turned off for the night, so I will have to send them tomorrow - K?
But it seems via the HDCU/HCDU - hack detector thingie from Paladin - that Pescado's uni_ltws_sns (That Jo linked to above) is conflicting with a whole bunch of Squinge's mods I have which mostly deal with the ltw memories, I think. I don't know if I should keep them all (if the conflicts are benign) or keep one or the other. I'm kinda afraid to get rid of Pescado's mod... from what I've learned of it, it seems really necessary.
*sigh* I dunno. I'll have more info for you tomorrow.
Thanks! Big Grin

#5 31-10-2014 
I seem to have missed this whole thread from the beginning. But since at that time I wasn't able to do anything anyway, that doesn't matter much. Now I can, and this thread magically appears active. Smile

Cat, Jo, in my days as a modder, I've become somewhat of an self-acclaimed 'authority' on conflicting mods. So if I can have the package of conflicting mods as well, I'm willing to give it a good thorough glance, too.

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Oh goodness, I forget about this thread. I checked to start with but as no one had answered after a few days I filed it away as 'no one knows'.

BO, I heard on the grape vine that you have a new computer. Smile

I have uploaded the files to Box. https://app.box.com/s/e7eqlvj17ct9753ai30e
I don't know who made these they are just in a folder called 'New Life Time Wants'

Any LTW for all aspirations is here: http://www.insimenator.org/showthread.php?t=91915

uni_ltws is linked to in my first post.

Thank you.

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I'll leave it to you BO - you are THE guru on this. Smile

#8 31-10-2014 
No Jo, I finally got all that I required to fix the old box. But that's close enough, I suppose. Smile Anyway, thanks for the info, I'll have a look.

Kiri! That's too much praise... More than I deserve. But if you think it's best to leave it to me, I'll defer to your judgement and do the best I can. Don't want to disappoint anyone Big Grin

#9 31-10-2014 
Ok, at least I can say this already: any conflicts with the files Wants.package and WantTuning.package are irrelevant, because these two files do not belong in Downloads. They should in stead go into the 'TSData/Res/Wants' folder of the latest EP/SP you have installed; usually, and for most people nowadays, that would be EP9, or Mansion & Garden Stuff.

I'll let you know when I have more.

EDIT to ADD: I could not for the life of me figure out, why I no longer had the Career wants active in my game. I know I did at one time, but I seem to have disabled them. HCDU to the rescue: I unzipped those files again and ran a conflict check. Seems that I had found - two yrs ago - a better way to deal with it, which may interest you. See what Alexx58 uploaded at MTS. It gives a bit more variety in the way LTW are handed out to sims, based on their enthusiasm. And this one already INCLUDES the career wants, while all living in a single package. Less files is less conflicts, and thus better.

But if you go there, be sure to carefully read the article about it. You need to follow the instruction to the letter, if you want that stuff. If you use this mod, for example, you would be wise NOT to install Pescado's uni-ltws-sns mod, because that gets you 36 conflicts at once! I gladly use less of Pescado's mods, if I get the choice. Smile

Besides that, I have Cyjon's Want Changes and syberspunk's TeenEnabledAdultWants (woohoo wants for teens, even outside ACR/Inteen). I don't remember where I got the latter. And then there's the unavoidable 'want sanity fixes' that TwoJeffs, Pescado and Squinge all published... but in case of conflicts, I let Alexx58's or Cyjon's files load last, because I trust those to be more to my liking.

Anyway, with that set, I obviously thought I didn't need anything else Big Grin And I have very little in the way of conflicts. It's a good set.
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#10 31-10-2014 
Hiya BO, Kiri, Jo and everyone else ;D

I'm going to attach my HCDU report (instead of files) I hope that's OK?

MOST of the conflicts are benign - I spent the greater part of yesterday afternoon checking them out (like many of your BO mod conflicts...)
The ones I'm really concerned with are Pescado's LTW -vs- Squinge's memories conflicts, and there are a BUNCH of those!!!

Do you think it would be best for me to scrap those all together, and go with the MTS2 ones you mentioned above?

If anything else in my list jumps out at you - please let me know. My goal from the beginning of this year was to actually be able to PLAY my game. I've come a long way towards that goal, but am just not there yet *sigh*

Thank you SOOOOO much for all your help ~ and willingness to keep helping! Thank YOU!
Big Grin

PS: BO, I'm really glad you can 'play' again. I'm sure your simmies missed you!

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