Well it looks like it's working!

The Value Hood Smoke Alarm came together very quickly, so it's looking like I can do all of these.

The one thing I have noticed is that that the sound indicator still appears where the alarm used to be. Not sure how to fix it, or whether to fix it. I kind of like it up there.

Have made the cabinet full width, but left the hood where it is. Still can see awesome flashing light. Big Grin So this is the way I'll go. I also like that it is flush with the other cabinets.

[Image: valuehoodalarm2.jpg]

WIP - Hood Alarms (updated) Screenshot WIP - Hood Alarms (updated) Screenshot WIP - Hood Alarms (updated) Screenshot WIP - Hood Alarms (updated) Screenshot      
#2 20-09-2014
The hood also seems to double as a light fixture? That's interesting. Great work! Heart

Maybe a similar thing could be done with a sprinkler instead of an alarm? Smile

#3 20-09-2014
It's got one of fansee's invisible lights in it to make it more noticeable - unfortunately I don't know how to make it a light as well.

#4 20-09-2014
Ooooo - this is a great idea! Heart

I really like the cabinet/alarm/light combo!
It's shiftable, right?
Is it possible to make the cabinet part flush with the other cabinets? (I could always make it so with cheats... I know...)

Lovely idea!

OOps - Just re-read your comment above - so, it's not a light? OK. Well, adding a hidden/small light is another great idea!
*Cat makes a note, and will be using this "technique" Big Grin


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