#11 21-09-2014 
Maple! You make great syrup. Velcome. vamp

* fanseelamb makes no false claims about being sane

#12 22-09-2014 
* leefish bets Maple will never return after a big leefish hallo Tongue

Stop scaring the new folks!!!

#13 22-09-2014 
wave G'Day Maple, welcome to Leefish.

#14 22-09-2014 
wave Hi Maple!

#15 22-09-2014 
No no, I'm here! Just had a busy Sunday.

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! Big Grin

@leefish: hopefully you don't like gerbils in the Ginnie-suggested way... they say hello ONLY if you promise not to munch on them. http://i.imgur.com/n91BHc0.jpg

@CatherineTCJD: high five for southern fishies!

#16 22-09-2014 
Hey Maple! The online Sims communities are indeed particularly friendly and you've chosen a particularly good one among these to begin with. Smile

Welcome here!

* poisson might trade his hamster avatar against a gerbil one.

#17 27-10-2014 
Missed this "hello" somehow. Welcome, Maple Smile

#18 27-10-2014 
Hi Maple, welcome to the Pond.

I'm just another old fish in the pond, and - like most of the others here - mostly harmless. And if Ginnie is the 'sane' one, then please consider me completely bonkers! I'd take that as a compliment Tongue


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