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Just found this awesome looking bath set, everything is build your own, and taps ect can be shifted if you have AL, Im rather excited! Celebrate

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#2 22-09-2014
Very cool looking meshes and neat concept. Although I wonder how it actually works, like where does the water come out of? I guess the empty tub/shower stall works as a shower with normal shower anims/water, and the faucets are deco?

#3 22-09-2014
I can't see the download button for this - the only one I saw takes me to an ad.

#4 22-09-2014
it takes you to that stupid adfly, heres the link after that Smile
Havnt tried it yet to see how it works, Im not too bothered if its deco as have kinda shifted to decorating contest at BPS, so happy with just the look!


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