Happy Birthday, Leefish
#1 01-10-2014 
It is the Fish Boss' birthday today, so Happy Birthday to Lee!

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#2 02-10-2014 
Happy birthday Lee!! Big Grin

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#3 02-10-2014 
Hey!! Happy Birthday dear Lee!! Smile

Big Grin

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#4 02-10-2014 
Happy Birthday! Big GrinHeart

#5 02-10-2014 
I hope you have a swimmingly good day!

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#6 02-10-2014 
Its also Oeselians Birthday today!!!!

Happy Birthday Oeselian

I shall share my cakes with her Smile

#7 02-10-2014 
Happy Birthday Lee! Flower

Happy Birthday Oeselian! Flower

I have no cake, but Wait a second...

* esmeiolanthe produces two of the biggest, fanciest, most deliciousest imaginary cakes EVER and gives one to Leefish and one to Oeselian

I hope you each have a great birthday, and that the year ahead is a good one for both of you! *hugs*

#8 02-10-2014 
Happy Birthday to the both of you, Lee and Oeselian!!

* mustluvcatz wishes everyone would stop trying to look behind her back.. i didn't bring any cake Sad Tongue

#9 02-10-2014 
To Lee and Oeselian, hope you both have an amazing birthday, surrounded by people you love and lots of laughs. Heart


#10 02-10-2014 
Happy birthday, you two! ^_^
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