Sims 4 Premium Service, Game Packs, Stuff Packs & Expansion Packs...
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Hey people! Smile

I'm opening this thread (hoping that I'm allowed to) to talk about the upcoming Premium Service, as well as the future stuff packs and expansion packs. A general-information thread of course; I think that one would open individual threads to talk about a precise stuff/expansion pack.

On the website Instant Gaming (a French online retailer), there is a release date: 10th October 2014. I'm surprised that EAxis hasn't talked about this yet. Do you think that it's going to be cancelled or delayed?
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I've never heard of Premium Service. What is it? An Expansion Pack? A patch? Some kind of extended warranty?

* fanseelamb is clueless about Sims 4 Tongue

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Fansee', I have just noticed that no matter how many comments you post, your total number is always on 666, and then I've seen that you're some sort of a Demon Sheep! lmao Big Grin

Concerning Premium Service, actually nobody knows what it is exactly. But many think that it's a pay subscription that allows its members to benefit from exclusive items for example. Also, these members would get content before the general release, a bit like a movie premiere screening.

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Hmmm. So you pay a fee for the privilege of downloading bonus items and getting to buy new expansions a little bit early? Sounds like a scam to me.

* Demon Sheep rejects this Premium Service thingabob [Image: hzA7CfX.gif]
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Sims 4? :O eeeeek!! I can't stand the 3, let alone how nasty and modern the 4 is going to be. The 2 will always be special! And now I can't play it anymore, curse you windows 8!!!!

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First true big expansion pack to come this year due to good business year at EA! Indeed, this was not necessarily evident because of a core game that wasn't so critically-acclaimed. But in the end, we'll get it before Christmas 2015, and perhaps even way before it. Smile


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