So I've started making a Value Kitchen to match the Value Counter and CTNutmegger's upper cabinets.

The Hood Alarm was the first, and that's gone pretty well.

The Next thing is a One tile Open cabinet with slots!
Thanks to Lee's excellent tuition - it has 7 slots. I was going to do 11, but came to the conclusion that the shelves don't look like they can handle 2.

That's basically done, although I want to see if it's base-game playable.

Now I'm fiddling with a corner cabinet in the same manner.
I've got a bit of mesh work to do on it (fixing the back so it doesn't disappear into the wall, make the bottom thinner to match the other cabinets.

But apart from that I'm happy with it. Looking to add slots to it too. Big Grin

Then I want to do a corner upper cabinet either a quadrant or a triangle cabinet to finish off the end, and a bookcase that is a full length that will also finish off the end (i.e. all repository from the counter).

As long as I don't get distracted again. Big Grin

[Image: ValueKitchenShelves-06.jpg]

Value Kitchen Add-ons. Work in Progress Screenshot Value Kitchen Add-ons. Work in Progress Screenshot          
#2 08-10-2014
It's looking good Kiri. We will try not to distract you Big Grin

#3 09-10-2014
Kirir, I thought the hood alarm was brilliant, now I have to wipe up the drool, can't wait until you upload these. ♥

#4 09-10-2014
Looking great Kiri!


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