Jones is ill
#1 25-10-2014 
Just to let you all know that Jones is in hospital. She had to have an operation to remove her gallbladder. She will be released from hospital soon and is in no danger.

Get well soon Jones.
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#2 25-10-2014 
Jones you are in my thoughts. Hope all goes well for you, and things are way better soon.

#3 25-10-2014 
I hope you get well soon, Jones

#4 25-10-2014 
Be well soon, Jones.

#5 25-10-2014 
Get well, soon. Ginnie

#6 25-10-2014 
I'm joining to the others. Health is the most precious gift as we often say. Living without pain is priceless. Get well soon dear Jones!

#7 25-10-2014 
Get well soon, Jones! Heart

#8 25-10-2014 
Get well soon Joni!! xx
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#9 25-10-2014 
Hope you will be well again very soon,Jones

#10 25-10-2014 
Awwww Smile Thanks everyone. I just got home. Went in to the ER Wednesday for my gall bladder, which had been really bothering me for a couple days. I was scheduled to have it out next Thursday, but they decided to keep me and go ahead and take it out. It was really bad, and more complicated than normal, but he was still able to do it with the scope; didn't have to open me all the way up. I had a drain also because it was infected. Had to stay an extra night because my liver enzymes were elevated, but it's all good now. Even though I am sore from the surgery I feel way better without the gall bladder than I have in a long time Big Grin


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