While talking about public woo hoo one day Reg Doyle thought it would be the most opportune moment to propose to his girlfriend Rebecca Clancy.

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2322-04-16-81.jpg]

Judging from Reg's expression he was a bit nervous as to what Rebeccas answer would be. Judging from Rebecca's expression she said 'Yes'!

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2322-04-52-54.jpg]

To celebrate Reg decided to do one last act of childs play before jumping into wedding planning!

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2322-12-32-82.jpg]

Rebecca thought this also was rather ingenious

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2322-12-35-41.jpg]

In fact she loved it a bit much!

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2322-12-50-89.jpg]

Reg proposes Screenshot          
#2 26-10-2014
What a fun little "mini-story" Big Grin

And I can see why Reg decided to the pop the question. A girl into public woohoo? Snatch her up asap Tongue

#3 26-10-2014
Everything's a whole lot better with 2 people on the same page. Big Grin

#4 26-10-2014
Great story, Tiff Big Grin


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