Rebecca and Reg decided to have their Groomsman, Chris and Bridesmaid, Stephanie join them in a toast

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2617-07-20-00.jpg]

Then they wanted a little pyrotechnic display, but it went horribly wrong!

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2617-56-12-10.jpg]

Second time was a charm though

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2618-03-23-48.jpg]

The boys decided to do the boy thing and watch the football, with a bit of help from their friend called Jäger.

[Image: Sims2EP92014-10-2622-26-50-52.jpg]

Engagement Celebration Screenshot          
#2 26-10-2014
I'm loving your little stories, Tiff!


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