November 2014 To-Do Lists
#1 04-11-2014 
I hope I'm not stepping on any toes here, but I really like these to-do lists. Heart I've been eagerly awaiting the November post, and when it got all the way to the third with no post, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Reading

This month
1. Write up the last chapter of the old game Done 11/22/14
2. Post two chapters (down from last month due to holiday traveling and attendant lack of Interwebz and also Myshuno! event) Done -- The Fantabulous Newsons on 11/23/14 and Ruth's (un)Officially Wacky Boolprop Challenge on 11/29/14
3. Achieve blackout in Myshuno! event (I didn't make it in October for the first time ever, but I still have until December 31)
4. Rebuild/redecorate all remaining houses enough so that the remaining families can move back in
5. Start playing again! (Even just the Newsons) Done -- with my Creation To Future family!
6. Post one (or more) rebuild reports Done 11/29/14

Top priorities are 1) have fun and 2) spend lots of good time with the Very Important Small People that I will be traveling to see Done -- in spades!. Not at all Sims-related, but I think we can agree that they are important and worthy priorities!

Last month
1. Finish the old game rotation (only one day left! well, one and a bit) Done 11/1, but we haven't put the November lists up yet, so it still counts
2. Write up the last of the old game
3. Post three chapters, of one story or another
4. Restore all cc to make current sims look like themselves (Alexander's hair, Trudy's hair, Georgiana's hair & outfit, etc.) Done before 10/5 apparently but not confirmed til then
5. Physically remake all families in new game Done 10/5
6. Restore all info for the remade families with SimPE -- family ties, relationships, and so on Done 10/25, which took a gajillion times longer than I wanted it to
7. Restore everything that doesn't need SimPE without SimPE, coz SimPE can be a real pig about opening sometimes Done 10/26 because I forgot about upgrading sims who had been to Uni. May still need to motherlode and definitely need to make a few ghosts, but those don't count
8. Achieve Myshuno! (one line on the card) in the Myshuno! event Done 10/30/14 My card
9. Achieve blackout in the Myshuno! event (Yes, I have til December. I just like to be first.)
10. Do up Jo's tutorial on my LJ Done 10/3 because it's miles better than cleaning the bathroom which is what I should be doing
11. Post two rebuild progress reports Done 10/12 and 10/26
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#2 04-11-2014 
Absolutely not Esme! I'm really happy that you've remembered it, because I'm not well at the moment, so my memory is a little scattered.

#3 04-11-2014 
I'm sorry you don't feel well, Kiri! Sad

Kiri's To-Do List for November
1. Get better soon!

* esmeiolanthe sends Kiri flowers and grapes

#4 04-11-2014 
This Month
1. Get Better Soon. Big Grin -- done.
2. Value Kitchen Add-ons -- done.
3. Mapat Repositories and Recolours of Sims2Play - in progress
4. Colour Surge Palette recolours for wallpaper - in progress
5. Dresser - Stylist Sims Bed 05
6. N99 Goodies onto MTS/Blog - in progress
7. Oaktowne Sofa - finish Foil -- DONE!
8. Dillman's Grove Lots (beach, Bramble, Tiny Tulips)
9. Myshuno Blackout/Dillman's Grove Stuff
10. Play - in progress
11. Life Stories Bricks -- done

Last Month
1. Kitchen - Hood Alarm - Upload to MTS - DONE
2. Tiny Tulips Set - Upload to Blog - progress
3. Oaktowne Sofa - finish Foil
4. Colour Surge Palette recolours for wallpaper - in progress
6. Bramble Cottage finished.
7. Finish Dillmans Grove Beach Lot
8. Dresser - Stylist Sims Bed 05
9. N99 Goodies onto MTS/Blog - in progress
10. Dillman's Grove stuff. (plus Myshuno2014 stories) - DONE
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#5 04-11-2014 
Hey! I haz goals this month!

1) Pick this years TS2 Christmas download. (Even if I don't have a clue what to make for this year. Sad )
2) Pick something to do for Christmas for TS4.

2 things. Even a scatterbrained cat like me can handle that, lol.


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