Nixed Sims Update, November 5
#1 05-11-2014 
[Image: pearlamptitle.jpg]

Technically, I'm still on hiatus, but I felt like a lamp. So I made one. Smile

#2 07-11-2014 
Great lamp too Smile

#3 07-11-2014 
I can't imagine feeling like a lamp, actually. I sometimes feel like crap, but mostly like a human. Smile

It's a very IKEA lamp. Great lamp to feel like. Tongue

#4 07-11-2014 you feel sunny yellow, and warm? This is good, I think. (I hope?)
Thank you for this sweet lamp Smile it will look great in many of my kitchens!

#5 07-11-2014 
An IKEA lamp in LACK, Poppet and Shasta colors Big Grin What else does one need ?!


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