Sims2Artists is missing?
#1 10-11-2014 
I get a page cannot be found error, and if I put in just I get:

"It works!
This is the default web page for this server.
The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet."

Is Lunie fiddling with something?
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#2 10-11-2014 
Looks like lunie broke it Sad

#3 10-11-2014 
Yeah - it's been broken for over a half a day now - so she's broked it good and proper.

#4 10-11-2014 
Well. they *do* say: "Don't broke it good 'n' proper unless you intend to fix it" and also "make sure it's properly broked, before you try to fix it."
So we can only assume that it'll be fixed soon, unless she doesn't realize it's broked.


#5 10-11-2014 is up and accessible. So whatever she's doing must only pertain to s2a. Maybe?
Does anyone have a personal email? ...and can check in to be sure she's OK and knows there's a problem?

...I mean, we (hubs and I) are Steel Baroque ~ because we are... but, that's a whole different 'broke'! Big Grin

#6 11-11-2014 
S2A is back again. Lunie Fixed it. Big Grin

#7 11-11-2014 
yea, S2A up. leefish down. I think lunie stole my power cable.

#8 11-11-2014 
LOL @ the Fish Smile I was actually thinking something like that!

#9 11-11-2014 
This one I didn't break. The config file got confused, so I swapped it with lee's. Tongue

#10 11-11-2014 
I am very glad that both websites are back up and running Big Grin


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