Sims 2 Genetics
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So, i have been thinking about this for a while now, sims 2 genetics. I do know how eye/hair colours work but what about skin colours? What about eye/hair/skin colours after some generations?

From how far away can sims inherit eye/hair colours? Can skin colours even be inherited from past generations (for example grandparents)?
Also how "broken" is the CAS's genetics system? Some fiddling around with it showed that skin colours could be inherited from past generations* (as well as hair and eye colours but that i already knew) but i wonder does it reflect the system outside CAS, if it works the same way and stuff.

*This is how i tested it in CAS:
I don't know how "correctly" i did this but i got some results Shy

Also i wonder if something like SimPE would show it...

Post Scriptum: I apologize for any grammatical errors, hope the text is understandable Blush
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If two sims have different skin colors, their children can get either mommy's or daddy's skin, or any skin that might exist in between those two.

Every sim records the eye and hair color that they inherit from both mom and dad. They use only one for themselves, but the other is stored as 'recessive'. When that sim eventually procreates with another sim, either the dominant or the recessive gene will be used for any resulting baby. Thus, a sim might get hair and eye color from a grandparent, even though neither mommy, nor daddy shows that color.

For example: John has black hair, but a recessive red gene. Jane has blond hair, and also a recessive red gene. When their baby Tina is born, the game takes one hair color from mom, and one from dad. Dad's black hair has a bigger chance to show up, because it *is* dominant, but little Tina might still end up blonde or ginger. But whatever color she gets for herself, Tina will also carry the color that she got from the other parent. If Tina got red from both mom and dad, then she will have only two red genes, and if she later marries a real ginger guy, they will ONLY have *lighthouse* kids.

Maybe I should explain 'lighthouse'. In dutch, that is translated as 'vuurtoren' - literally 'fire tower' - which is often used as a nickname for gingers/redheads.

Ofcourse, you might wonder how John and Jane got those red genes in the first place. Well, either of their parents might have carried it, as the actual hair color OR as a recessive from their other parent. And so on. So li'l Tina might have a hair color that hasn't shown in both parents' families for several generations. It was always there, but just never got out, until Tina got both red genes together. There was no other choice for her than to have red hair.

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Thank you for your posts! Smile

I still wonder how i got a skintone jump over a generation in CAS Tongue But it was a custom one, as are my defaults (i use Leh's skins, 10 geneticized skins, giving a nice variation >

Facial genetics are fascinating too, i just hope there was a similar system for them like there is for skins, meaning you wouldn't get, for example, the exact same nose as your mother or father but you could get something in between like right clicking* a nose or an eye template (i hope template, is the correct term here) to get some features from em in CAS.

*Quoting MTS:

And now, this makes me wonder if the facial genetics system could be altered/modded to work the way i mentioned above Big Grin


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