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#1 16-11-2014 
Hi, I try to create this thread, maybe somebody is expert of PC etc.

I would like upgrade my bad and old PC (bought in the 2010). I'm looking for new CPU and motherboard.

Now my PC is:

VGA: Sapphire ATI Radeon HD5450 (very very bad...)
RAM: 1x2GB Corsair DDR3 PC1333 (I bought 4GB RAM Corsair, but my motherboard has a slot burned and I can use only 1 RAM)

Budget: max 150€, more or less.

I have read about AMD APU A8-6600K, it's a CPU with Integrated Graphics (Radeon HD 8570D GPU), it's good?

Now, my problem is I don't know if buy now CPU + GPU, so I will not use more my old VGA (ATI Radeon HD5450), or spend more on a good CPU now, which will last me a few years, and go on with the old video card HD 5450, by buying a new in a few months (if I can).

CPU's A8-6600K is good? or better buy a normal CPU, without GPU?

And a motherboard, compatible with CPU and my RAM?

Thank you, sorry for my English

#2 17-11-2014 
Hey noiredeb! Smile

For some reason, as for me, I have a preference for Intel Core CPU associated with Nvidia GeForce GPU...

Anyway, the AMD you're showing here looks rather performant, as it's a four-core CPU with 4.2 GHz for each core (if I reckon well): so it really seems good for a reasonable price.

EDIT: And I've just come across the price in France: has it at almost 290 € (approx. 360 $)! OMG, this is insane! Buy it on, Deb! It's good actually!

#3 17-11-2014 
Thank you poisson!

Intel i5 is very good for gaming, but it is 150€ or more Sad too much for me..then motherboard, VGA etc. I know, good PC needs 300/500€ or more.

On there is also to 80€: Is is the same? :o I try to buy from France! Big Grin it is near also to me

#4 17-11-2014 
Haha! You're right Deb, your link corresponds much more to the one on There are several types actually. I have been confused. Big Grin

#5 19-11-2014 
To the end I bought MSI A88XM E45 mobo and apu AMD FM2+ A10-7700K..I hope well Sad

#6 19-11-2014 
Do you need that RAM from me Deb? 2 x 2GB sticks.

#7 19-11-2014 
(19-11-2014 06:11 AM)leefish Wrote:  Do you need that RAM from me Deb? 2 x 2GB sticks.

Thank you Lee, I have 2x2gb Corsair Ram 1333mhz DDR3, it should works, I hope Sad

Mobo supports DDR3 Memory 1333/1600/1866/2133

#8 19-11-2014 
One question: I have to format hard disk when I connect new mobo and Cpu? Undecided

#9 19-11-2014 
Maybe you don't have to. Just start up the old windows and see what it says. It might be able to update your system to account for the new hardware. Such things have happened to me once, too.

#10 23-11-2014 
@noiredeb does this work ?


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