Happy Moving Day MSD
#1 19-11-2014 
MSD is moving to his new house in the next few days

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#2 19-11-2014 
Thanks (Great ad!)

*So excited*

#3 19-11-2014 
YAY! Happy moving day, MSD!

(yes that ad is absolutely fabulous)

#4 19-11-2014 
Yay for moving day!! Have a wonderful time MSD!

#5 19-11-2014 
Have a great day MSD Big Grin

#6 19-11-2014 
Congratulations on moving day! Don't forget where you packed the space monkey laser -- that's always the first thing you should set up when you get to your volcanic lair. Smile

#7 19-11-2014 
One time... when we moved - I couldn't "find" my pots and pans for a few weeks Wink
We learned where all the best restaurants and takey-outy places were really fast Big Grin
...just sayin'

Make it fun - good luck!

#8 19-11-2014 
I have a worse story about losing things in a move. We couldn't find the checkbook for three weeks so our first mortgage payment was late and the former owner, who carried a tiny third mortgage on the house (a stupid shenanigan the real estate folks did to keep the primary loan below the guidelines)-- he foreclosed. Instead of calling us on the phone, which number he had, or mailing a letter to us (no email in those days), or coming by the house, he foreclosed. After we had already paid our (late) mortgage payment.

We were stupid, but he was greedy -- he wanted the house back so he could sell it at his original price, as the market had exploded since escrow.

(I'm still in the house almost forty years later: once I discovered automatic payment withdrawals, I stopped missing payments! good thing, too, as my current income is a bit under the average cost to rent a room in an apartment in this town these days)

#9 19-11-2014 
Happy moving day!

I love the not 'finding' the pots Cat.

#10 19-11-2014 
Sooooo excited for you MSD! Have fun Smile


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