News about the kitties (They're ok)
#1 19-11-2014 
The two little kitties who were living in my kitchen have managed to open the window (all on their own) and escape.

They're back in the yard 2 houses away, and were waiting to be fed at the usual time.

But Mumma(Ginger) was going to get copy-protected tomorrow, and that's having to be cancelled.

And I feel all sad because they're out in the dark in an unfriendly place where anything can happen. Sad
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#2 19-11-2014 
Aw Kiri, but at least they went back to their old place so you knew where to find them.

#3 19-11-2014 
"Copy-protected" - LOVE it!!!!
I'm glad they're OK, and you are still watching out for them Wink

#4 19-11-2014 
Copy-protected, OMG. Rofl

Aww. Well at least they didn't go far and are back with the third kitty. Being separated was probably hard for them all.

#5 19-11-2014 
I would catch them and bring them back.

#6 19-11-2014 
Awww, maybe they were worried about Honey (kitty 3) . Perhaps they will allow themselves to be caught again if you catch all three of them?

#7 20-11-2014 
Yeah, I think it's a 3 or nothing deal Lee.

That's what Sonja thinks too, so I think I'm going to have to believe you too.

#8 20-11-2014 
* mustluvcatz starts knitting Kiri a "Crazy Cat Lady" sweater

or.. I would if I knew how to knit Big Grin Btw, you know you're going to be adding all 3 of them to your household- so go get them! (At least it's not winter in Australia! *shivers*)

#9 20-11-2014 
I wish it was winter, it's still only Spring and we have already had a 40C day!

#10 20-11-2014 
MLC - I'm not adding them permanently. The plan is that we get them all copy-protected and healthed up, then organise for them to be re-homed. So I'm really only fostering them. Also a 1 bedroom flat is not a place to have 5 cats permanently, and Blanche would kill me if I had more than her and Leanne. As far as Leanne is concerned, even Blanche is a bit of a stretch. So yeah. Fostering them temporarily.

Of course, I'm an idiot that fell in love with Ginger right from the get-go, so if she didn't find a home straight away, I wouldn't be too upset.


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