Nixed Sims Update, November 23
#1 23-11-2014 
[Image: haystacktitle.jpg]

Remember my trampoline? This is the haystack version, for your medieval and rustic Sims. Or Sims who just like to jump in the hay. Smile

Smiths are not included. Wink
[Image: nixedbuttongreen5.jpg]

#2 23-11-2014 
Sweet! Heart ...are you 'officially' back now? I hope you're feeling as good as good can be Big Grin

#3 23-11-2014 
@CatherineTCJD. I'm officially almost-back.The haystack is actually something I finished right before my hiatus, I just didn't get to write a witty post (well, a post, anyway) until now. Smile But I should be back for real in another week or two.

And I'm feeling better than I have in a very long time. This rehabilitation period was just what I needed to get back on track. Big Grin

#4 24-11-2014 
So good to read that.

#5 24-11-2014 
Excellent idea for those medieval sims Smile

#6 24-11-2014 
Yah! Good to see you back around Nix. Love, love, love that haystack! Even though I am playing my modern hood right now, I'll be grabbing that one. Smile

#7 26-11-2014 
Thanks, everybody! Heart

@joandsarah, of course, modern Sims can jump in hay, too! Much cheaper than getting a trampoline. Wink

#8 26-11-2014 
John Jones, you know the Farmer is getting one of these. Big Grin (When he can afford it)

#9 26-11-2014 
Yay! It's only $25, so hopefully he won't have to wait all that long. Depends on how successful a farmer he is, I guess. Wink

#10 26-11-2014 
He's dirt poor, and he's only just bought a double bed - and when Bella moved in, she spent all the money she brought with her on clothes. And a bedroom. Big Grin They have a wedding to pay for yet, so it might be a little while. Big Grin


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