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I did a few recolors for the Alpine hotel lot I made for the Winter challenge, mostly in BonVoyage's mountain wood Smile

[Image: mtn%20seasons%20.jpg]
The Seasons country doors and window plus plasticbox's add-on window. Their master mesh and diagonal is included but please get the whole set here.

[Image: mtn%20marina.jpg]
Marina's Victorian build and architectural objects:
CuriousB slaved the roof gables and then I slaved porch post one and two to the 6-tile master gable
Post brackets two, three and four are slaved to bracket one
A very old 4esf floor edge hider cloned and slaved to bracket one

[Image: mtn%20stairs.jpg]
Chrissy6930's pinegultcher stairs and fence
(I know tbudgett has a mesh for these stairs too but I like Chrissy's)
Marina's sawn baluster stairs and railing

I can't figure out a working scriptorium text file for Chrissy's stairs so...
you will need to amend the script file of the modular stairs in order for the mesh to show up in your game:
path: C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/The Sims2/TSData/Res/Catalog/Scripts/modularstairs.txt

copy and paste all of the following blocks at the very bottom of the text:

# chrissy6930_pinegultcherstairs
modularStairs 709
objectID landing 0x69696980
objectID placeholder 0x6969697F
objectID step 0x6969697D
objectID topStep 0x69696981
objectID bottomStep 0x6969697E
catalogTextIndex 101

Edit 2017 May
I got the Scriptorium text file working! Download it here

[Image: mtn%20nectarbar.jpg]
ft nectar bar in mountain wood and also ash to match buggybooz' pip patio

[Image: walls%20i.jpg]
[Image: walls%20ii.jpg]
4 panelling, 1 masonry wall to match the BonVoyage fireplace, 2 stucco walls (poured) - 4§ each

All meshes included except where noted and many thanks to the creators Smile
x 27

Alpine Build Set Screenshot Alpine Build Set Screenshot Alpine Build Set Screenshot Alpine Build Set Screenshot Alpine Build Set Screenshot Alpine Build Set Screenshot    
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Superb, Shasta'! Thank you!

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Ooh this is so cute Smile Thank you!

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Ooh goodies, thank you Big Grin


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