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#1 28-11-2014 
Hey guys! I got a hellatious error report the other day from SimPE - and I'm just wondering if it actually means something?

I'm attaching the report below; it mostly states "System.OutOfMemoryException" and "Index was outside the bounds of the array" errors -AND- each object looks to be a recolor! Huh? I got the error when trying to open a different package (to change the items category). So... should I delete all these recolors? Or, just ignore this report and carry on?

Also (for those that don't know, my OS crashed a couple weeks ago - and I had to do a re-install/upgrade to Vista Professional 64-bit. I've had Vista Home Basic since it came out. Thankfully I had most everything backed-up.) ...anyway... that also caused a new sims install, which was pretty easy - I just followed Kiri's tutorial that I had followed earlier this year Wink so my hoods are squeaky clean again *sigh* Now I'm adding stuff back in... and hit this snag. If it is a snag?

And - while I'm at it - I installed the latest SimPE (73.44) which I don't think is the QA version that I had before. Should I go back to the QA version? Or, is this one an improvement?

Thanks ya'll Big Grin

.txt  SimPE error report 11-22-14.txt (Size: 12.53 KB / Downloads: 174)
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#2 28-11-2014 
Oh poot, I can't find it. Fansee pointed me to a fix on the simpe forum and I can't find the link. ETA: Found it!

I was getting this error too. There's also an explanation on why you are getting it. Smile

#3 28-11-2014 
Ooooh - Thanks!!! All better now Smile

I seem to remember doing something like this with the game too. I wonder where that info was... I'll go search MTS/wiki

ETA: Yes! Here's the info -
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