Linking apartment life base lot with the sub lot?
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Hi all <waves>

Is there any way to link the apartment base lot with the sublot I have tried numerous things already and nothing does the job. I just want to keep the current furniture in the apartment lots to use with the next family moving in. Someone in SimPE did manage to do this but of course doesn't explain how and no one really goes on that site anymore. BTW stay things shrub doesn't work no matter where you place it in the lot or in the house.

Can the Stay things shrub be modified to work with the sublot in an occupied apartment?

Help me!!
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Wait, THAT's the difference between baselot and sublot? I never ever understood that. So like, baselot is the first apartment that gets occupied, I assume, and sublot are subsequent ones? Mind. Blown.

I have no answer to your question, btw - I did try using the staythingsshrub once and it royally messed things up. The apartment whose furniture I wanted to keep lost it anyway, and things were messed up for the other family (the "base" family - first to move in) in the building too. I don't remember the details of what was messed up for them but I ended up moving them out and back into a newly-placed clean copy of the same lot, which luckily was fully furnished and decorated as I wanted.

Before that failed stayshrub attempt I had always used a house sitter sim to keep apartment furniture. I'd move a new sim into the apartment in question, joining the family that lives there. Then I'd move the family out and keep the house sitter sim in the apartment to keep the furniture. Then once I had a new family ready to move in, they'd join the house sitter, and then the house sitter would move out. Or you could skip the house sitter step and combine the families directly if you already have a new one lined up. Of course moving sims out this way they lose their accumulated clothing, which I find super annoying - but worth the price if you want to keep the place furnished as it is.

Hmm, maybe "realtor" would be a better name for the house sitter actually. Randy Realtor. There you go. vamp

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As far as I know, the only way to define the default contents of an apartment is in build mode, even before you perform the cheat that changes it into an apartment building. But it is possible that I'm not privy with the latest technology in this area. At any rate, I would avoid using the aforementioned hack, because I've heard bad things about some undocumented features.

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That's a really smart idea with the "realtor", fansee. I'd have never thought of that. Seems like it would be the safest way to it. It's just a creative use of the mechanics the game has.

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The reason it all disappears is the same reason it vanishes from houses when sims move out, it's to clean it of sim references. it's actually one of the things EA did right as sim references all add up to hood corruption over time. It is annoying when everything you decorated vanishes but it's really for the best.

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I agree that that's one of the few things that they did right. But cleaning it of sim references doesn't explain the removal of furniture and other objects. Sim-made items such as curtains, pottery, paintings, et cetera, yes... I can understand that THOSE disappear, because they might cause trouble in the long run. But not tables, chairs, plants, and whatnot that can only be bought from the catalog. Because THOSE items don't HAVE any sim references, and could therefor never be the cause of corruption.

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Before Mootilda died, she said there was some possibility that any non-build-mode object could indeed contain sim references. Not just beds, which are known to contain references (that's why ghosts cheer them, and why you shouldn't put them in your sim's inventory when you move house), but she was also looking at chairs, tables, counters, and anything else that a sim might interact with or that could be scanned with the fingerprint scanner reward. There's a couple of threads on MTS about this, but here's the one I was thinking of specifically:

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Chairs and beds carry sim references and apparently even things like doors do too. Beds are I would say are the worst offenders. Even things like paintings that have been viewed or anything a sim has interacted with. I was reading a couple of days back that even windows might carry sim refrences probably because sims can look out or clean them autonomously. If a sim can possibly interact with it in any way-banister sliding, washing hands at a sink, opening the draw to cook, anything at all it apparently creates sim references.
Just adding I mean after a sim has used them, not fresh placed from the catalog.

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What you guys are saying is that in fact there is NOTHING safe about any house that has been lived in by any sim before. Thus selling all the furniture is not good enough; doors, windows, staircases etc, it should ALL be replaced. It would be simpler to just DEMOLISH the house!


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