Linking apartment life base lot with the sub lot?
#11 15-12-2014 
Well that's a rather alarmist viewpoint IMHO. I've done lots of stuff that folks will tell you not to do, and I'm still playing the same 'hood I've been playing since at least 2009 with no major issues.

My advice? Make backups before doing anything potentially harmful or 'hood-changing. Never ever move an occupied lot into the lots bin. Beyond that? Go nuts, within reason (like majorly hacking your 'hood is obviously far more dangerous than letting sims sit on a previously owned chair). You can often fix things with the batbox or the moveobjects cheat, and if you ever do royally screw the 'hood up you can revert to your backup.

And really, in the end? It's just a game. I know we all care a lot about our games, but as long as you save copies of your special sims and lots, you can always start over in a new 'hood. In fact a fresh start can actually be lots of fun!

#12 15-12-2014 
I agree that it is alarmist. And I'm not going to delete any house once a family abandons it, either. But if all the furniture is sold ONLY to remove the corrupting dangers of sim references, and those references are still found in doors, windows and whatnot... well, do the math. Smile

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Basically BO, I think you are correct; the EA code is rather buggy Tongue

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Mhmm, and I remembered a couple other issues with the "realtor" method:
  1. Sims may end up with the wrong amount of money when you move a new sim in and then move other sims out. You can use money cheats or a money order or cheque book mod to fix that.
  2. The household will keep the first family's surname as their "household name". You can fix this in SimPE, but it's really only an issue when using the "familyfunds" cheat.
  3. And ofc there's the issue with the outgoing family losing their accumulated clothing, and the incoming family inheriting it all. No fix for that, it's an annoyance you'll just have to live with.

I still think it's a decent method to use if you really want to keep the apartment furnished as is. It's not even cheating really - it's something the game lets you do legitimately so I personally consider it pretty safe.

#15 16-12-2014 
(16-12-2014 06:42 PM)fanseelamb Wrote:  it's something the game lets you do legitimately so I personally consider it pretty safe.

Actually, THAT is not a good argument to use. The game also lets you legitimately put occupied lots in the lots and houses bin, but that is not at ALL safe, and I would not recommend it to anyone. Smile

#16 16-12-2014 
Haha, fair enough. That is true. Still, this particular thing is pretty safe IMHO, based on personal experience.

#17 17-12-2014 
That much I can agree with Big Grin

#18 17-12-2014 
I was only mentioning it so people can be aware of it. Generally in my own hood I do move sims around houses and I only buy new chairs and beds.

#19 17-12-2014 
Thanks so much for all your replies. I was just hoping it could be done. But if it means having a glitchie game then big no that's all I don't need. I do really appreciate looking into it.


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