Apparently the "deco" chickens in TSM are having a conversation, not just randomly clucking, lol. Sometimes they get along and have pluses, other times, like this, not getting along. Had never noticed till today Tongue Sorry it's so dark, it's night, wasn't going to wait around too long to get a pic of chickens Wink

Chicken Convos Screenshot          
#2 13-12-2014
Hahaha. That is brilliant. Big Grin

#3 13-12-2014
I'm really very sad that TSM didn't go over well so EA abandoned it Sad Would have like to see where else it could have gone, EP-wise. I really like it, but can see why others might not.

#4 13-12-2014
I loved it, would have been better if you could build from scratch and have kids grow up!


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