Nixed Sims Update, Nov 13
#1 13-12-2014 
[Image: bookcasetitle1.jpg?w=810]

TSM book stacks as functional bookcases. You get three larger ones that go on the floor and two smaller ones that you can put either on the floor or on a surface of your choice - including on the other book stacks, since they all have a slot on top. Big Grin
[Image: nixedbuttongreen5.jpg]

#2 13-12-2014 
Snagged for my updates!

#3 14-12-2014 
Thanks, Ginnie! Smile

#4 14-12-2014 
These are wonderful! Thanks so much! Smile

#5 15-12-2014 
Thanks! Smile

One thing I really like about them (I say like I'm impartial or something Wink), is that even though they're from TSM, they don't shout "MEDIEVAL!" to me. I can easily see them in the study of a contemporary Sim who just likes old books. Smile

#6 15-12-2014 
That's exactly what I love about them, Nix! Well that and the whole idea of making them a useable bookcase. I can definitely find a place for these in my non-medieval game. Thank you! Smile

#7 18-12-2014 
Yay! Celebrate

#8 18-12-2014 
BTWs... these are perfect in game! Thank YOU!!! Big Grin

#9 20-12-2014 
Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate

I'm thrilled you like them! Big Grin I mean, I like them, but I'm not exactly impartial. Tongue


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