Christmas 2014
#1 23-12-2014 
Karen wanted a pic of our (little bit of) lights outside. This is the first year we've really been able to do anything outside. Also throwing in a pic of the girls with Santa Big Grin

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#2 23-12-2014 
Oooh pretty Christmas lights. And cute little girls. Big Grin

#3 23-12-2014 
Aw lovely pics, Jones, your girls are soooo cute Big Grin

#4 23-12-2014 
I think that's beautiful... not too much. Smile

Personally, I'd do much less for decoration. Especially outside the house, I wouldn't waste the effort and the energy. But that's just me.

And your daughters are a precious bunch Smile

#5 23-12-2014 
Aww, pretty lights and adorable little girls. Big Grin

#6 23-12-2014 
Sweet! Enjoy your space Wink Really spread that wrapping and tissue paper detritus through-out every room this year! LOL!
Merry Christmas!!!


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