Merry Christmas
#1 26-12-2014 
I'd like to wish everyone here at Leefish a very Merry Christmas also a safe and Happy New Year.

[Image: MerryChristmas_zps926ceec3.jpg]

Sorry, I couldn't resist adding this one.
[Image: FarSideXmasFish_zpsfc185ca8.jpg]
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#2 26-12-2014 
Happy holidays, everyone! For those still celebrating, make the most of it Big Grin *wanders off to finish off another cup of egg nog*

#3 26-12-2014 
Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

#4 26-12-2014 
To happiness, safety, and being in the company of those you love! And not only for the holidays... Big Grin

#5 26-12-2014 
* leefish waves to the fishes - two birthday parties between Christmas and NewYear!!

Merry Christmas one and all Smile

For those who dont celebrate Christmas - happy whatever ....

#6 26-12-2014 
May this time of year be blessed with happiness, hugs and chocolate. Smile

#7 26-12-2014 
* NixNivis hugs all the fishies

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, whatever floats your boat. Smile Here's to a happy new 2015!

#8 26-12-2014 
Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays to ALL! Heart
[Image: gallery_251_116_24788.gif]

#9 26-12-2014 

I cheated, this is the same "sim card" I made last year, but the sentiment is still just as true Big Grin

#10 26-12-2014 
Merry Christmas to everyone and happy new year!



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