January Challenge - Suggestions Please
#1 29-12-2014 
For January/February I want to pick a challenge that is do-able by the people here - any ideas what you'd like to do?
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#2 29-12-2014 
Continuation of the last one? lol. Have gotten terribly behind Tongue

#3 29-12-2014 
How about a fitness community lot? Or a fitness room for a residential lot? Or....meshes or recolors for fitness.

**Fitness. Because January is the beginning and ending of New Years Resolutions. Tongue

#4 29-12-2014 
I like that idea HL - fitness is a good idea. Big Grin

Jones - yeah - continuing the last one is on the list of possibilities - the only problem is that some people have already finished theirs, and I like to keep people busy. Big Grin

#5 29-12-2014 
I like the fitness room/community lot idea. And I just got an idea for an object, too! (Granted, it's one of those "I'm sure this has been done before but I'm going to do it anyway 'cause I wanna!" ideas, but still. Smile)

#6 30-12-2014 
I love the idea for a fitness lot! Especially since getting back in shape is one of my resolutions Blush I have never participated in a challenge before, so I'm not sure what it entails. If my upcoming semester isn't too painful, then I will definitely participate. Would it be possible to just do mesh creation and recolouring along with the lots as HL mentioned?

#7 30-12-2014 
Absolutely Nanashi - the thing about a challenge is that it's not a contest, it's about doing stuff together - it can be as inclusive of stuff as you like. So you want to do mesh creation and recolouring? Yay! You want to do Lot Building? Yay! You want to find stuff to put in the lots? Also Yay!

Jones - if we made the theme fitness - could you continue the previous challenge by making a fitness room for your resort?

Nix - Oooo! that would be so cool!

#8 30-12-2014 
Maybe making workout clothes, like the ones I just bought myself as bribe to actually work out in them? (Not that I am at the level of making clothes, I'm more likely to do a lot, but just as an idea?)

#9 30-12-2014 
Sounds good to me Esme. If there's someone who can make clothes, that would work.

For me, the best I could is recolour some existing meshes. in MLC palette of course. Big Grin


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