Happy New Year
#1 31-12-2014 
[Image: happynewyear_zps12d95d87.jpg]
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.

#2 31-12-2014 
Happy New Year to you too, Michelle, and of course all the Leefisher's too!
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#3 31-12-2014 
Happy new year! In 1 hour and 12 minutes. Smile

#4 31-12-2014 
Happy New Year!

#5 31-12-2014 
Happy new year everyone!

#6 31-12-2014 
In about eight hours in France. Smile But happy New Year to people who live in an already 2015-part-of-the-globe. Tongue

#7 31-12-2014 
[Image: g39008.gif] [Image: Roy-Snow-Fish2-hny600.jpg]

[Image: party-fish.jpg]

#8 31-12-2014 
Happy New Year everyone Big Grin

#9 31-12-2014 
Happy New Year, all fishies! Just under seven hours to go here in Sweden. Smile

You Aussies and Kiwis, how does 2015 look so far?

#10 31-12-2014 
Nix beat me to it - I was gonna ask how 2015 is so far? I'm a little trepidatious because; for some reason, I always do better during the even years...

Happy New Year all ya'll! Big Grin I hope it's a good one!

(If I coulda found a picture like Deb's first one, I'd insert it here. That goldfish/martini is absolutely perfect! I love it!)


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