sims2 #1
This project have been on backburner nearly a year
And now It's done Wink
Windows comes in 3 sizes and 2 heights:
1 Tile
polycount: 342/338
common and counter height:
[Image: 1tileboth_zps66354155.jpg]
[Image: extboth1_zps0ce2ce61.jpg]
2 Tile
polycount: 354/362
common height:
[Image: 2tilecommon_zpsba1942bd.jpg]
counter height:
[Image: 2tilecounter_zps291aad22.jpg]
[Image: 2tileext_zpsb31b7d35.jpg]
3 Tile
common height:
[Image: 3tilecommon_zpsae96bc27.jpg]
counter height:
[Image: 3tilecounter_zpse72dfe14.jpg]
[Image: 3tileext_zpsc5d3b5c4.jpg]
All windows have matching diagonals!

Sills with matching height are also shipped Smile
each polycount: 25/30
they can be found in surfaces- misc.
1 tile sill has 5 slots
[Image: 1tilesill_zpsa4bcaf6b.jpg]
2 tile sill has 11 slots
[Image: 2tilesill_zpsbb99049e.jpg]
3 tile sill has 17 slots
[Image: 3tilesill_zpsd7dfc6f7.jpg]

occasionally you have to use "moveobjects on" cheats to place sills
to place sills on diagonal wall use "boolprop snapobjectstogrid false" cheat
this set utilizes repository technique - 2 tile common height window is the one to recolour

Plus added plastic door
polycount 537/513
[Image: doorsin_zps8bf62fbe.jpg]
[Image: doorsout_zpsd20588d1.jpg]
door also have diagonal Wink
everything is base game compatible
sills are M&G cheat ready
interior and exterior are recolourable
comes with basic white plus brown and yellow recolour

MaryLou for windows templates
nemestnaya for clutter
If you found mistake or want to ask something let me know Smile
x 17

Feel free to include my meshes with your lots and recolours
Feel free to recolour and convert to other games
NO PAYSITES(including TSR)
Credit is nice but not necessary
If you use my stuff I'd like to see it,so maybe drop me a link

Plastic Windows Set Screenshot          
Download link
Filesize 49.47 KB | File Name Plastic Set- Windows.7z | # of Downloads 3,094  
Filesize 22.32 KB | File Name Plastic Set - Balcony Door.7z | # of Downloads 2,612  
Filesize 11.44 KB | File Name Plastic Set- REC.7z | # of Downloads 2,398  
Filesize 7.93 KB | File Name Plastic Set -Windowsills.7z | # of Downloads 2,435  
#5 10-01-2015
Thanks for your nice comments,folksSmile
sure,would you like tiny square one?

#6 10-01-2015
These are fantastic! Thank you Oeselian!

#7 10-01-2015
These have turned out so wonderful! Think next blog entry of mine will be a windows update and these will have to be top of the list!

#8 11-01-2015
Actually a rectangular one the same width as a standard window, but just at the top. Smile


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