SimPE - I need someone who knows how to program it
#1 11-01-2015 
I really like RUFIO - the export facility on Simpe. The problem is - its missing a lot of data and I don't want to do it by hand.

Ideally what I'd like to do is have a utility that allows me to export as a CSV the plug-in view of any of one type of record.

However I don't know where to start. I'm an old COBOL programmer, but I'm willing to learn stuff, if someone is willing to point stuff out to me.

Where this is come from - I'm a lazy coot. There are 1657 SREL records, and I don't want to have to type out each and everyone of them before I can do some analysis on them in Excel.

I'm kind of hoping that Inge or Peter Jones are still supporting stuff for Sims 2, and will talk to me about it. But I'd also be very keen to talk to anyone else who has some ability to mod Simpe.
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#2 11-01-2015 
I don't even KNOW any "Rufio" in SimPE! Where did you find that? I'm guessing it's a Plug-In?
Sadly, I hardly know how to *use* Simpe, but I know *nothing* of how to mod it, alas. And I learned several programming languages, though not COBOL.

Maybe you could go check out the forum of the SimPE site. If these's anyone with knowledge about it, I bet you they should occasionally show up there!

I'm not certain about *support* for Sims 2, but I *do* know that Inge no longer cares about *modding* for Sims 2. Quite a while ago, she just moved her Sims 2 stuff to a side branch of her forum - just so it is still available for anyone who wants it -, but dedicated her main site to Sims 3. She also allows anyone who wants to do so, to just edit, rewrite and republish her mods. As if she doesn't care about it. Sad

Peter only *worked* on SimPE for a while - and did an excellent job, too -, but has hardly any Sims knowledge.

#3 11-01-2015 
BO - Rufio is the way you can export neighbourhood details from Simpe into a CSV file. it's actually not a plug-in but a feature of the Hood part.

The ambertation site is pretty much dead and has been since 2013. From the looks of things Ghost looks after basic answering of questions - but it looks like a lot of that is referring them back to MTS.

It's not really sim knowledge I'm looking for to be honest which is why I thought Peter or Inge could help. What I'm really looking for is how to do something similiar to SimPE rufio on the other formats of the files, rather than just the package where the sim resides.

Unfortunately - Rufio who is the guy who created the export facility, hasn't been around since 2009, and was hanging out at MATY where I have an aversion to going to because reasons.

My thought was that if I could get my hands on the source code for the hood export, that I could do the rest myself. I'm a programmer by trade, so changing programs and testing holds little terror for me.

The file formats are in the MTS Wiki, and can be traced from there.

#4 12-01-2015 
Yeah, I know that Rufio used to hang out at MATY. I didn't suggest you going there, because I wouldn't want to be seen dead there, myself. Nor would I inflict that upon others - not even my worst enemy.

I understand that it's not Sim knowledge you're looking for. The point that I was trying to make, is that the Jones family is not going to be helpful at all. Peter Jones is virtually impossible to find in the Simming community, because he doesn't care about Sims. Maintaining SimPE was just a programming challenge for him. Whenever he required Sim-specific knowledge, Inge would be right behind him.
And Inge nowadays only seems to care about Sims 3 - or maybe Sims 4 now? She won't even answer Sims 2 modding questions as far as I know, and has no programming knowledge whatsoever.

It's a sad thing that the SimPE site is all but dead now, too. Had I known that, I would not have sent you there.

#5 12-01-2015 
yeah. But Sims3 Sims4 - it does that.

#6 12-01-2015 
Just like SimLogical, then... Crap! I wish I knew where you might actually get the information you're looking for. Let's hope that someone shows up eventually who does...


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