Randomizing Sims
#1 15-01-2015 
There's this new thing going around Tumblr about creating sims for noobs using some sort of randomizer tool - yeah, that might not be the best way to explain it... Let's have a picture first of how I spent my lunchbreak:

[Image: 63445_150115072118randomizer1LF.jpg]

Basically, you start with a random sim, modify some sliders and voila, interesting sim comes out at the end. The exact 'rules' for this can be found here. For those of you who do create their own sims, this might not be very interesting but for those of us who are Sim-challenged, so to say, it's awesome Smile If there's anything unclear about the procedure, let me know.
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#2 15-01-2015 
I wouldn't call myself sim-challenged. I can make generic sims with the best of them. Big Grin

Tried it out on a female - This is what I got

[Image: 63446_150115090001-before01.jpg]

Then fixed with the sliding thing -

[Image: 63447_150115090748-after01.jpg]

Then added minimal hair and makeup

[Image: 63448_150115091657-makeup01.jpg]

Definitely going to use her for something (although she does need to be topped up with hair that is not EA)


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