At The Seashore-Mega Set for TS4
#1 18-01-2015 
Just a few pics of the beginnings of a huge set I'm working on for TS4.


The pic of all three couch colors; I have since made the stripes on the side under the arm go vertical, as it is in the S4S couch pic.

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#2 18-01-2015 
They look great, Jones Smile

#3 18-01-2015 
Oh Jones! This is stunning!

#4 18-01-2015 
Wonderful! Now I just need a beach hood. Come on, EA, give us a world editor!

#5 18-01-2015 
Yes MSD! What's more, it should be easier to use than TS3 World Editor (if TS4 one is finally made by EAxis), by looking at how the maps are done on TS4. Because actually, there is no proper world in TS4, it's simply a drawing of a map and individually-designed neighborhoods (with some sort of 3D, rolled-up background image).

I'm sure TS4 team will propose extremely nice things in the future! I'm also hoping for an out-of-the-game 'Create a style' software, I mean a stand-alone one outside of the game itself (thus, it will be shorter to load, and we could import only what we need).

We also need a Staircase editor (U-shaped, L-shaped, spiral, etc.). I'm sure we'll get even more interesting things that I'm able to think currently, in Build Mode in the future... I'm a bit excited now! lol (also because I'm about to have a new gamer PC soon) Tongue Childish me!

#6 18-01-2015 
MSD, I started this set because I made a "lakeside" house. I used the pool tools in as natural a way as I could, walled and floored with rock, and with moveObjects you can place rocks, plants etc in the pool with no routing issues (I checked). That's as close as I've come to a beach so far, lol. But yes, would be lovely if EA would give us one Big Grin

Doesn't have all the landscaping and such, but you can see where it's going Wink

Sad S4S can't recolor counters yet. Was going to work on those next. Had some fun ideas. Oh well, will just keep going with the rest and hopefully by the time I come back around to the counters, they'll have it sorted out, lol.

EDIT: Well that was quick Smile New update and I can recolor my counters!

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#7 24-01-2015 
Yes, am double posting. Sorry. But here are the (probably) finished counters. I don't think I'm going to keep the bamboo version in the last post. I really wish I could do something about the corner counter, which is a stupid mesh to begin with. Why does it go all the way down? Why not have the bottom between the legs raised like the rest? Also want to add beadboard to it, but can't find that area on the map. So am done for now Wink Also a clock and kitchen chalkboard.

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#8 24-01-2015 
Gorgeous joni Big Grin

#9 25-01-2015 
Counters AND cabinets

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#10 26-01-2015 
Double posting...again...but am super proud of myself Big Grin Have changed a living chair to function as a dining chair! Haven't recolored it yet, am just super happy that I got it to work!

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