Computer has died
#1 23-01-2015 
Going off to the doctors tomorrow for fixing (I hope).

Not able to be online, because P.O.S. laptop cannot cope with being online and typing.

Won't be able to do the graphics thread until I have a fixed PC, or a new PC. So it will be a few days.
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#2 23-01-2015 
Oh no Kiri Sad Good luck sorting it all out!

#3 23-01-2015 
Oh no Kiri! Take care and God bless, hugs Karen

#4 23-01-2015 
Sorry to hear that, I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's a repair, not a new computer.

#5 23-01-2015 
Sorry to hear that your computer bonked out on you. Mine did the same thing in 2013 or the beginning of 2014. I just got a new internal drive and went about my business. I hope you have good results.

#6 23-01-2015 
Oh no kiri! Fingers crossed for a speedy (and not too expensive) recovery!

#7 23-01-2015 
Kiri, I hope you'll find and obtain a good deal! Perhaps there are sales in Australia in January, like in France? I'll get my new PC soon for a good price.
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#8 23-01-2015 
NOOOOO! I hope it can be fixed or replaced quickly!

#9 23-01-2015 
I'm so sorry to 'hear' that, Kiri. Hoping that your system can be fixed in a reasonable time and without too much of a financial setback.

#10 23-01-2015 
Oh NOOOO!!!! That's terrible news! I hope there is an easy and inexpensive solution - and that you have good (honest) doctors. Rolleyes

{{{hugs}}} Heart


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