Computer has died
#11 23-01-2015 
* mustluvcatz has a feeling that Kiri is too smart to fall for any shenanigans any UNhonest computer doctor might try to pull

#12 23-01-2015 
Oh no, I hope The computer Dr can sort out the problem.

#13 24-01-2015 
Thanks all. Hoping it will be fine. I've just rung to tell them that if they can't fix it without losing the data, to not fix it. It is after all 4 years old, so it's probably time to update anyway.

Just spent the last 2 hours updating firefox, and it seems to run a bit smoother - it doesn't take a second to register a keystroke now.

#14 24-01-2015 
Right... if the data can not be retained, then fixing the hardware is besides the point, I guess. Would be a pity, though. I'd rather have the data back, too Smile So I'm still hoping the best, Kiri.

#15 24-01-2015 
Thanks BO.

I'm working on the basis that if it is a software/hardware problem (i.e. windows install is stuffed) - I can get a another hard drive or a PC, install the operating system on that - and then retrieve the data before scrapping the stuffed drive.

The sort of error message I'm getting on it, suggests that it's a problem with the O/S rather than the drive itself. It loads up windows and then crashes with a windows critical error.

The rest of the computer has been working ok - and most of my data that isn't sims is on an external hard drive (and DVDs) so it's fine. But there is some photos that aren't anywhere else and didn't make it onto my external drive that I want to keep.

Redundancy is good - but I really should backup more often.

#16 24-01-2015 
OMG - how terrible. Any idea yet what the issue is and possible cost?

#17 25-01-2015 
No Idea yet Lee. It's the weekend here, and monday is a public holiday so the earliest I will know is Tuesday.

As for possible cost, if he has a look and does nothing it'll be $60. I'm expecting it to be between 100-200 if he can fix it without losing the data.

#18 25-01-2015 
Good luck, Kiri {hugs}
Before Christmas I had a Nvidia driver update that somehow fried my OS (Vista Home Basic) I ended up having to upgrade to Vista Pro - a very helpful neighbor lent me the disc. Thankfully all my important stuff was backed-up. Still... it was a royal PITA Rolleyes

I hope yours is fixed that easily Angel

#19 26-01-2015 
Oh no! Sad Here's to hoping they can fix it quickly, and that it won't cost an arm and a leg. I agree that it sounds like it's the O/S and not the drive; it sounds a lot like what my mum's old computer did when it died and that was definitely the O/S. Fingers crossed it's the same for you!

#20 26-01-2015 
But if we assume that it *is* only the OS that screwed up, shouldn't a mere re-install (or a Windows repair) do the trick?


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